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the grumpy penguin stirs ...

Welcome to DunSec! Currently just a Google Group (, a Twitter account (@dunsec), and a Drupal site, devoid of content, a blank canvas. So much potential ...

Dunedin has some great stuff going on in the IT space, but doesn't have an interest group along the lines of the OWASP and ISIG groups which you might find in centres like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. A few of us have decided to try and change that.

CodeCraft is a great monthly meet, and has enjoyed some great security presentations in the past, but we felt that a new, more practically oriented group, and one with a more direct security focus might be a good mix with CodeCraft's presentations.

Recently in2securITy organised a nationwide tour of free infosec training. Their nationwide tour took them to Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington; the registrations in the South Island (ten for the Dunedin workshop) made it too expensive to cross the water. (Well, that and @feabell gets seasick.) Could it be true that that in a university town and a place with a thriving IT community, only ten people were interested in a day's worth of free infosec training?

A month or three later, in2securITy made it back for a one-hour evening session during NetHui South (thanks InternetNZ! thanks a heap!), which was pretty great. And watch this space, they might just be back for a second round sooner than you think ...

So - what might you find at the first, inaugural, holy-moly-I've-signed-up-to-invite-a-bunch-of-hackers-around DunSec meet? Well, hopefully some slightly more gristly presentations, maybe a look into the sort of nasties you might find on your recently compromised server, maybe some educational fun and games. We're just learning, and that's kind of the point of this.

Hop aboard. For now, you should join the DUNSEC discussion group, and think about what you'd like to see (or bring) to a get-together :)

By the way, thanks to @neeravbhatt on Flickr for the grumpy penguin pic which I've used as the initial icon for the DunSec twitter account. Feel free to toss a coin at the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust if you want to make the penguins happy.

- Chris